What is a Digital Project?

Projects can be classified based on a number of different ways. For instance, based on the methodology used, or based on the process it is implementing for the industry, or based on the exact objective being accomplished. There can be many more. For instance, the term “Agile project” is used to define the projects that use an agile methodology. “Data Migration” projects on the other hand have an objective of getting some sort of data migrated as an objective of the project. Similarly, Digital Projects are projects done in the digital domain, sometimes centred specifically in digital media space.

Digital Projects

Digital Projects

Some examples of digital projects:

  • Website Development/Redesign/Migration

  • Mobile App Development/Redesign/Migration

  • Desktop Application Development/Redesign/Migration

  • Game development – Generally not considered in Digital, but may sometimes be considered.

Do you have a different perspective or any other example in mind? Please let me know.