Building the World a Project at a Time!


What is Inceptone?

Inceptone Inc. is a project management and consulting services company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was founded in 2010 by Sid Barthakur. At Inceptone, we provide project consultancy/management services to businesses to ensure that projects are delivered successfully and efficiently and best return can be provided for any project investment made by the business’s shareholders. We focus on the goal of fixing individual projects, or organizations for better project delivery.

We believe that good project management is extremely valuable. It is way more valuable than what most organizations value it at. We also believe that good project management is extremely rare. It is in fact, so rare that we’ve become used to bad project management, and we’re okay with it. Success rate of projects have hovered around the range of about 70%, for many decades. That means only one thing – we human beings have not been improving on our ability to deliver projects successfully. At Inceptone Inc., we’re working on changing that. 


What's behind the name - Inceptone?

“Inceptone” is a play on the word “inception”… well that’s pretty obvious? The more important question is “why”?

We see as the inception of a new age of organizational operations management, at least for those organizations that depend heavily on products, projects and teams.

It is the inception of a new product by Inceptone and we hope it will be the inception of a new phase of growth for all of our customers.


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